Parmigiana fried aubergines

This is a traditional Italian food, that is composed by fried aubergines, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmigiano cheese and basil. VERY EASY AND TASTY 🙂 Ingredients: 4 Aubergines 800gr Tomato sauce 4 Eggs 150gr flour 200gr Parmigiano cheese 400gr Mozzarella Vegetable Oil, Basil, Salt and black Pepper. 20 minutes in the hoven 180°C

Today easy,passion for my bread

Ingredients: 600 ml water 500gr plain flour 500gr strong flour 14gr yeast 20gr salt 10gr barley malt Dissolve the yeast in the water,add salt,add barley malt,add the flour and mix. Let dough rise for about 3 hours, obtaining 3 loaves and form the loaves, let rise until doubled in volume will be, then bake at…

I present: Lady Carbonara

Ingredients for 4 people: 400gr of spaghetti 5 Eggs 150gr Pork cheek 100gr Pecorino romano cheese 1 Spoon of olives oil Salt and black pepper    

My concept of babĂ …

Ingredients : 250gr Very strong flour 30gr sugar 87gr Butter 8gr Baker’s yeast 5 Eggs 5gr salt 200 Whipping Cream Strawberries Pistachios Moisten: 500ml water – 250gr sugar-100ml rum